“Coach Thomas ability to relate to our players and keep them intrigued was second to none.  His ability to reach the team through discussion and interaction was amazing.  Now in week 10 of our season, we are able to witness the real impact Coach Thomas preseason workshop had on our players on and off the field.”

– Eric J. Perry, Head Football Coach (Pioneer HS, San Jose, CA)

“Coach Thomas was very engaging.  He walked into the room and immediately connected with 70 of our young men and kept their attention the entire 90 minutes.”

– Ed Buller, Athletic Director (Oak Grove HS, San Jose, CA)

“For the last two seasons, my teams have had the privilege of having Coach Thomas as our seminar speaker.  His approach and demeanor are perfect for high school athletes.  Coach Thomas message is not only applicable to high school athletics, but life in general.  He is changing lives.”

– Mark Krail, Head Football Coach (Santa Clara HS, Santa Clara, CA)

 “Coach Thomas delivers an important message to athletes, coaches and parents better than any presenter I’ve heard before.

– Jim Brusa, Director of Athletics (Saint Mary’s HS, Stockton, CA)

“It is amazing how Coach Thomas can instantly engage a rowdy group of teenagers and help them get the most out of high school athletics.  The workshop helps them to reflect, plan, and set goals.  They leave as more focused student-athletes and a better team.”

– Anne Finney, Athletic Director (Independence HS, San Jose, CA)

“Friday evening I received a call from Lincoln High Schoo Athlete Director and football coach Kevin Collins.  Coach Collins was on his way home from a workshop presented by Joe Thomas.  He had rave reviews about his presentation.  He was interactive, had the kids participate and to paraphrase Coach Collins, he was fabulous.  He stated that he would use Coach Thomas with all his sports workshops if he was guaranteed Joe Thomas as his presenter.”

– Colette M. Kirk, Commissioner (Blossom Valley Athlete League, San Jose, CA)

“Coach Thomas I loved your message and your enthusiasm.  The passion really comes through.  It is the shot-in-the-arm that all parents need to hear.”

– Patrick Lee, Principal (St. Francis HS / Salesian College Prep, Watsonville, CA)

“Coach Thomas inspired students, student-athletes, and teachers, emphasizing it doesn’t matter what you want to be good at, you have to work hard to get there.”

Elena De Santis, Athletic Director (Stuart Hall HS, San Francisco, CA)