Session 1:   Your Comprehension:  Understanding Your Child

CONTENT:      Examines and offers suggestions on how parents can meet their child’s four deficiency needs.  Introduce the child’s four growth needs and the evidence when growth needs occur. Examines the influence of youth culture and how parents can combat negative images.  Explores the media’s misinterpretation of teens and the true age of maturity.  Help parents understand why teens engage in risky and/or foolish behavior.

Session 2:   Your Relationship:  Supporting Your Child Through Sports 

CONTENT:        Explores the most important investment a parent can make.  Provides a value exercise to prioritize and promote goals.  Examine the three stages of talent development.  Provide suggestions for pre-competition encouragement.  Explore the coach/parent partnership.  Offer a suggested plan for parental attendance.  Examines sports as an avenue for education versus entertainment.  Offers a suggested plan for developing unconditional love and support.  Help parents understand why some children have a difficult time dealing with defeat.  Provide suggestions for post-competition encouragement.  Explores what it takes to become an “expert” in any sport.  Examines the age children should begin “specializing” in sports.

Session 3:   Your Relationship:  Communicating with Your Child 

CONTENT:       Explores the physical and psychological effects of lecturing.  Offers a suggested plan for engaging in conversations.  Examines limitations with telling children what to do.  Explores the benefits of asking questions and the power of hearing a different voice.

Session 4:   Your Leadership:  Raising Character Leaders Part 1

CONTENT:     Explore some traditions to reinforce family culture.  Offer five practical suggestions on how to help your child discover their calling.  Provide tips on interviewing potential organizations responsible for engaging your child.

Session 5:   Your Leadership:  Raising Character Leaders Part 2

CONTENT:        Provides a value exercise to prioritize and promote goals through your child’s craft. Examine the importance of setting realistic high expectations.  Articulates character and explore the three things that influence your child’s character.

Session 6:   Your Esteem:  Living Through Your Child

CONTENT:     Explores the benefits and challenges of coaching your child and offers a suggested plan to make it a rewarding experience.  Explore the motivation behind living vicariously through children. Defines discipline and examines two perspectives on discipline. Introduce conduct nurturing as an effective instrument to endorse positive behavior. Explore the goals of adversity in your child’s life.